expanding taxes on gas: incorrect!

Jim Cameron is a superb suggest for mass transit and he’s at all times hunting for increasing taxes on other companies to get extra funding for mass transit.  The purpose is that mass transit costs extra to run than the revenue it generates via person costs.  Put a different means, mass transit loses funds every day.

The state of Connecticut had the maximum gas tax in the total united states.  What did we locate with the investigation about that?  We discovered that the state basically improved the retail price so excessive as a result of the taxes that it truly generated less tax salary than before the increases.

We also discovered — and this turned into key —  the gasoline tax revenue became diverted from the intended functions. Cameron additionally fails to mention that we now nevertheless have the 2nd tax on gas called the Gross Receipts Tax which become supposed to fund underground fuel tank leaks. That program is canceled, however the tax continues to be, producing hundreds of thousands of greenbacks and aren’t used for his or her meant goal.

Do you see a pattern right here?  Taxes, once put in place,  generate million and hundreds of millions of greenbacks that do not go to their supposed goal and, extra importantly, when that supposed aim goes away, the tax continues to be on us, the taxpayer!

Michael J. Fox is govt Director of the gasoline & automobile provider purchasers of the us, Inc.

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