Avon enterprise owner presents job to CCSU scholar struggling amid pandemic, lack of mom

AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — A scholar at relevant Connecticut State university has a job now after reaching out to the neighborhood for assist right through Thanksgiving.

Julia Plunkett, 20, is a CCSU scholar. In a letter to WTNH this week, Julia wrote that in the closing 12 months she turned into homeless, she misplaced her mother to the flu, and – when the pandemic hit Connecticut in March – she misplaced her job.

“i was left to discover my way,” she wrote. “And have struggled considering.”

just before Thanksgiving, she reached out to the Avon group on fb asking where she could get an affordable Thanksgiving meal.

“The outreach was overwhelming,” she wrote. “The entire community got here out to assist me.”

but one person in certain modified her fortunes essentially the most.

Deanna Damen, the proprietor of Cake Gypsy in Avon provided not simplest to purchase Julia a vacation meal, however provided her a job.

“I’m not the only 1 she’s helped all the way through this season. She additionally gave Thanksgiving dinners away to 10 families. She is such a lightweight and so sweet and so nice and constructing our neighborhood,” Julia concluded in her letter.

When news eight met up with Julia Sunday she expresser her shock and gratitude for the kindness.

developing tonight on news 8 at 10, we’ll hear more from Julia and her new boss.