who’s greater deceitful, the pretender President or his Republican enablers?

Literature and paintings have all the time offered a tool to interpret and make feel of movements.  primary works akin to El Quijote and Hamlet allow us to superior keep in mind advanced and contradictory realities. We are actually dwelling a confusing second where a sitting president is attempting to deny the results of an election carried out without fraud.  A play, Enrico IV by the exquisite Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello, illuminates this intent to exchange reality.   I read and noticed this play on stage in the early Nineteen Seventies, where it stayed within the recesses of my mind beforehand.

in response to Pirandello “life itself is a performance.”  We are now gazing a truth display television star pretending to be a president whereas ignoring all of the obligations that include that place.  Trump is an excellent pretender.

The character of Enrico IV, or Henry IV, in Pirandello’s play is a mad man pretending to be a king from a long time long-ago.  these round him keep the pretense by using dressing and performing in line with those instances.   apart from there is a twist on the end when Enrico IV declares that he’s not mad. Yet he chooses to hold this function for the relaxation of his lifestyles.

Enrico IV demands these around him to take part in a masquerade, within the manner fitting more trapped than him. Pirandello’s play confronts us by asking who’s worse — the pretender who gladly wears the masks of one other fact or people who abet him and therefore are forced additionally to wear a mask of that alternative reality. thus, the sad evaluation with the Republican party assisting the falsehood that Donald Trump represents and selecting the absurdity of deceit as a last reality.  who is worse?

Pirandello shows us that those that play along are more complicit and responsible of abetting lies and deceit and for this reason they’ll forever lose their true selves and be at all times recognized with the impersonator.  Enrico IV changed into written in 1922, a century ago, yet its relevance in condemning the acts of the madman and people who are complicit with him is as central nowadays because it became 100 years in the past.

Pirandello understood the complexity of multiple realities and that things don’t seem to be always as they appear.  His works assist us better understand the alternative truth world Trump has created.  however Pirandello emphasizes that those that select a role helping a pretender are extra deceitful than him.  That, then, is the actual tragedy of the second we are living. it’s greater than Donald Trump himself; it’s those that do not unmask and denounce him for what he is.

Estela Lopez lives in East Hartford.

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