native man shares his journey as Pfizer nationwide COVID vaccine trial participant

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — One native man who changed into number 17 in New Haven for Pfizer’s nationwide COVID vaccine trial again in August spoke to news 8 Tuesday about his event as a participant in the trial.

When news eight’s Amber Diaz requested if the trial scared him, Anthony Lupinacci, director of advertising and group family members at he Shubert Theater in New Haven stated “No. I’m more afraid of the virus than of the vaccine”

even though it’s a blind study, Lupinacci did not go into the trial blindly. He poured over medical research, read articles about how the vaccine become being produced, and how our bodies would use it.

“It kind of didn’t rely to me whether I obtained the vaccine or the placebo,” he defined. “What mattered to me become that i used to be participating and assisting them bring together the critical data that they crucial to make a decision of even if the vaccine turned into being beneficial or no longer.”

After his first shot on August 28 at Yale-New Haven medical institution, he used a confirmed cell app to preserve a diary for seven days, being certain to preserve an eye out for feasible side results together with:

  • discomfort at the injection web site
  • Achy feeling within the legs
  • feasible fever
  • mild headache

Lupinacci certainly not had any of these signs.

Three weeks after the first shot, he bought a second shot and saved up together with his diary.

His remaining step become getting bloodwork. He says the total technique was basic for a sickness so advanced.

“I’m not afraid. I’m not fearful of science, I’m now not petrified of the certainty, I’m now not terrified of trying to find some way of being a part of some thing that can end this circumstance that we’re in,” he said.

For the next two years, Lupinacci might be monitored. He doesn’t need to sign in weekly however he can be checked on.

He’ll not ever know which shot he bought– the placebo or the COVID vaccine, but his message rings clear:

“We need to all do something and if it capability rolling up your sleeve and getting an injection, don’t be scared of it.”