CT couple living in automobile as a result of economic toll of pandemic want lawmakers to make adjustments to support others in their situation

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Their clothes are stuffed in the trunk of their motor vehicle. Their dog’s cage takes up the backseats — together with his toys and blankets. A Connecticut couple met exclusively with information eight to inform their story Wednesday.

Robert and his fiance, Dana, under no circumstances idea they might be residing in their automobile. but, they say that’s what the pandemic has forced them to do.

“here’s the scariest issue I’ve ever experienced in my lifestyles,” referred to Robert.

as a result of the pandemic, they both got laid-off. One worked at a motor vehicle dealership. The other worked at a landscaping company.

“My 60-hour [a week] job went from 60-hours, to 30-hours, to 15, to nothing,” Robert stated.

“As hours started getting reduce as a result of coronavirus, they started giving me smaller jobs,” talked about Dana.

It changed into getting tougher and harder to make ends meet.

“I had to do some thing I might do,” Robert said. “I actually have a university degree!”

There’s barely adequate room for the both of them to stretch out. something cash they’ve goes to fuel so one can have heat at night. It also goes to purchasing pet food for their doggy.

Little Butterscotch kept licking their faces while they spoke to news eight, which brings them lots-mandatory smiles and laughter.

nonetheless, Dana tells information 8, being caught of their vehicle for the reason that August has been tough — chiefly at night now that it’s getting colder.

“I put on loads of layers and have quite a lot of blankets,” spoke of Dana. “but, it’s scary for those who awaken within the morning and you’re scraping ice off your vehicle.”

They tell news 8 they desired to come back ahead and share their ordeal as a result of they know they aren’t the best ones struggling all the way through this pandemic and they hope it leads politicians to do more to aid households in Connecticut and across the country.

“Please do something,” Dana referred to. “There are decent people accessible suffering,”

They do have some respectable news to share. both have managed to discover new work. Robert found half-time work just this week.

He says it isn’t tons however’s a step within the correct direction — a step he hopes ultimately leads them out of their motor vehicle and into an house.

“We try,” Robert pointed out.