Waterford couple married for seventy three years dies of COVID simply days aside

WATERFORD, CT (WFSB) – a man from Waterford couldn’t bear the idea of residing with out his wife of 73 years.

BJ Frasher died 4 days after Romona Frasher passed away.

Waterford couple

Romona Frasher passed away four days before BJ Frasher, their family unit noted.

both died from coronavirus.

Their family unit shared their mixed feelings with Channel three.

BJ Frasher become just shy of 22 when he met 19-yr-old Ramona in Ohio in 1947. Their daughter Vickie referred to it wasn’t exactly love originally sight, as a minimum now not for her mom.

“They have been both avid roller skaters and my dad had fallen and he had a solid on his wrist and he determined he would are trying to get my mom to sign his forged and she didn’t like him,” stated Vickie Meyers, the couple’s daughter. “She thought he changed into too flashy and flirty and so she refused to signal his forged and he saved going back and going lower back and eventually he got her identify and number I bet and they had been married not too lengthy after that.”

Three babies, three grandchildren, five amazing-grandchildren and two super-exceptional-grandchildren later, the couple had been fortunately married for seventy three years. About 13 years ago they moved from Ohio to Connecticut to be close daughter Vickie. About seven years in the past, they went right into a nursing home in Waterford. both had been fit for their a long time.

Then got here COVID-19.

They both obtained sick around Thanksgiving. Ramona Frasher passed away on Saturday.

“The nurses told him that my mother had passed, and his respiratory become very low for several days,” Meyers talked about.

On Wednesday BJ Frasher passed away as well.

“My dad all the time talked about that he wanted to die 5 minutes after mother,” Meyers explained. “He desired to do something about her until the conclusion, however he didn’t are looking to live devoid of her. And so he changed into fairly a lot capable of do this.”

Meyers said the staff at Lawrence and Memorial health center in New London was very compassionate and able to retain them together even unless the conclusion.

“The medical institution become so form, and that they stored the lights low and stored them correct subsequent to each and every other so in a foul situation everybody did their most fulfilling to give them their closing want to be collectively,” she stated.

And while Meyers is irritated that it become COVID that ended up taking their lives, she looks to see the fine in it. dying together intended neither left the different in the back of.

“i can’t be too angry as a result of they received to move together like they desired,” she referred to. “Neither of them needed to be on my own.”

A loss bittersweet, however as Meyers said, the lovebirds were reunited.