CT electors hope for clean Electoral school vote Monday amid contentious presidential election year

(WTNH) — each and every presidential election year seven people are selected to represent the State of Connecticut in the Electoral college.

they’re tasked with one job: to officially forged the pollfor the candidates who gained the state’s widely wide-spread vote. Sunday, we hear from some of them chosen to serve during this historical means.

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Connecticut’s electors are set to cast their ballots at noon Monday in the Senate chambers.

Electors will signal two ballots – one for Joe Biden and the other for Kamala Harris – that might be despatched to Washington D.C. to the national Archives.

CT’s electors say they hope this second sends a message to the White apartment.

considered one of CT’s seven electors Susan Barrett informed news 8, “I think denial or just saying that ‘this didn’t turn up’ scares me because there are so many people which are following that lead and that’s why when 50 states meet all on the equal day I feel it locks it in place.”

we will hear more from Barrett and the different electors tonight on news 8 at 10 on WCTX and once more on news eight at eleven on WTNH.