doctors answer your questions in regards to the new COVID vaccines

(WFSB) – medical doctors from across the state are answering questions concerning the COVID-19 vaccines. 

On Tuesday, Dr. Patrick Troy, Hartford HealthCare pulmonologist, answered questions from Ch. three viewers. 

Will the vaccine be administered to sufferers with lively COVID-19 circumstances?

“It’s a tricky one to answer as a result of so regularly it is the case that they don’t even comprehend that they’ve COVID. certainly, patients who have lively symptomatic COVID, fevers, chills, cough, muscle aches, they would not get the COVID vaccine.”

“it is viable, youngsters, that in case you didn’t recognize you had COVID that you simply might still be able to get it. that could be ok.”

If someone already had the coronavirus and has recovered should still they nevertheless should get the vaccine?

“There are two easy methods to study this. you probably have COVID, you have some diploma of an immune response, your body builds up the antibodies. but what we don’t understand is how a lot do you get, truly. So, the style i might analyze it for patients is with the vaccine, whether you’ve had COVID or you haven’t had COVID, getting the vaccine is a magnificent chance to give your physique, in case you’ve had it, a lift to your immune gadget. And if you haven’t been exposed, it’s a chance to develop your immune response to it. both approach, the suggestion would be to get the COVID vaccine.”

can we know what the facet consequences from this vaccine are?

“We recognize a good quantity. just  the statistics, we now have two vaccines that are truly the same thing. They’re mNRA. however particularly over concerning the 70,000 sufferers who have been in the trials, about half of whom received the vaccine, the primary aspect outcomes that we’ve viewed in any reportable quantity which are different between the placebo or just getting a little water injection within the vaccine are two leading ones. One, is muscle affliction and some muscle pain at the injection web page. And the different one is fatigue. About 3 p.c of sufferers in both trials received that. It looks to head up a little bit greater after the 2nd vaccine. but the messaging here is it truly is a sign that your physique is producing precisely what you desire: The immune system response to be in a position to fight off COVID.”

Can the vaccine trigger infertility?

“The honest reply to that question is we don’t recognize. That hasn’t been studied yet. there is nothing it truly is in that vaccine that could suggest that that might be a controversy. however we don’t comprehend for certain. What we do understand for bound notwithstanding, is in case you get COVID, there’s a really good value possibility you may get very in poor health. although you don’t get very ill, you may have long-lasting side consequences [like] these ‘long-hauler’ sufferers which are accessible. So, I suppose in the event you variety of approach the backward and forward, it makes more sense to get the vaccine on account of what we comprehend COVID may do, primarily to pregnant moms and probably the baby as well.”

On Wednesday, Dr. Virginia Bieluch, Chief of Infectious ailments on the hospital of principal Connecticut, answered a few greater questions. 

Is it adequate to get the vaccine when you have extreme allergy symptoms?

“smartly, I believe we’re awaiting further advice on this. I’m certain this could be part of the FDA dialogue day after today and they’re going to come out with some guidance in this enviornment. From my realizing, the people who have these reactions had prior to now had reactions. They have been individuals who had EpiPens and vaccine centers deserve to be prepared for these forms of reactions. whenever you supply a drugs or vaccination to a large variety of individuals, a small percent of them are likely going to have a reaction and it’s very critical that the vaccine centers know what to predict and are organized for this. and that i remember here is inflicting some problem, but I desire individuals to focus on the variety of lives which are going to be saved by way of this vaccination and i’m bound each vaccine middle will are looking to do that as safely as possible.”

After getting the primary of both doses, do you should quarantine?

“No quarantine is imperative after you obtain the vaccine. There are various kinds of vaccines being studied and the ones that are becoming obtainable now are not are living vaccines. The Pfizer and Moderna items contain the code for our our bodies to make a vital protein that’s part of the virus. Our body then raises an immune response to simply that protein and that’s protective in the future, that immune response to that selected protein referred to as the spike protein prevents the virus from causing infection. So, you’re now not getting any place close an entire virus in these current vaccines. youngsters, there are some individuals who have a reaction after the vaccine, and what that response is, is our immune equipment waking up and announcing, ‘whats up, there’s this thing that I don’t recognize, I’m going to deliver out the forces to combat this off,’ and that’s our immune device revving as much as offer protection to us for once we do in fact se the virus. which you can get a little fever at that time, you might get some sore muscle tissues, and you likely are looking to consult with your healthcare issuer if that occurs, simply to make certain because fevers of path can also be an early finding in a COVID-19 an infection. but primarily, in case you get the vaccine you simply go about your general each day activities with out worrying and being pleased with yourself since you’re working against protection.”

After you get the vaccine, if you still wear a mask in public?

“That’s a very first rate question. And the current reply is absolutely yes. The reports on the vaccines are looking at do the vaccines keep away from people from getting sick from the virus and so, they’re measuring whether or not you get symptoms. The reviews, much more getting to know needs to be carried out before we can throw our masks away even though. What we don’t have the data on yet, is whether or not or no longer that you would be able to nevertheless lift the virus on your nose, however now not get unwell from it and unless we recognize the answer to that question is the vaccine prevents us from carrying the virus, we will all still should put on masks. So, you understand, I suppose we are able to ultimately get these facts, we can also finally, optimistically have adequate people be vaccinated there could be few individuals that can get in poor health from this virus, however in the short run, the answer is retailer your mask and please wear them.”

On Thursday, Dr. Troy turned into again to reply more coronavirus vaccine questions:

If I already had COVID-19, do I nevertheless want the vaccine?

“The answer to this is, yes, for 3 explanations. Let me just walk you through the why. So, the primary motive is that in case you had COVID to start with, we’re not necessarily sure how your immune response was. It looks like it’s in fact variable, some americans in reality strong, some americans now not so powerful, so it’s hard to know what sort of immune response that you simply needed to the COVID virus to start with. Two, study this as a chance to give your immune device a real increase to COVID, so despite the fact that you noticed it earlier than, this is a very good reminder to immune device to have at it an additional time. and then three, we recognize from the statistics from these vaccine trials that it looks like the response you get from the vaccine is every bit as strong as having an infection, and in lots of cases as much as 10 to 15 instances superior than if you in reality had the infection itself. So, there’s three good explanations to get the vaccine besides the fact that you had COVID.”

is this just like the flu vaccine? Will we deserve to get it each year?

“The reply is we don’t recognize as a result of we don’t how long the vaccine lasts. but what i can let you know is that the trial for the vaccine is ongoing and that they’re going to appear on the antibody response, not simply throughout these time points, but also at six months, twelve months, and twenty-four months, so that you could be decided when it comes to how that immune system response lasts. We’re going to get that information down the street.”

Will there be any way to show that you just got the vaccine? How can you inform if someone else acquired it?

“So, I don’t know that we’re going to be capable of recognize that. I consider that some of the true logistical challenges that we’re working with at Hartford HealthCare is figuring out a way to get everyone in, be sure they get the identical vaccine over the appropriate time periods. As to how that’s going to be, even if it’s publicly capabilities or now not, I don’t consider we understand the reply to that question yet.

How am i able to be sure that I can be capable of get the 2d dose on time and that it might be the equal brand?

“It completely matters. So, in case you get the Pfizer vaccine, which is the vaccine that we’re talking about at this time, you need to get the second dose of the same vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine. And if you get the Moderna one, when that comes out, hopefully subsequent week, same guidelines follow. we’re going to make staggering efforts. we’re working on this right now at Hartford HealthCare to be certain that once we deliver people in, we be aware of, we log, you obtained this vaccine, this is your appointment for the subsequent time for the exact equal vaccine. So, we’re going to be very careful about make sure that you get what you stared with since it’s so critical.

On Friday, Dr. summer time McGee from the university of latest Haven answered a couple of coronavirus vaccine connected questions. 

can you nevertheless elevate the virus and expose it to others after getting the vaccine?

“because this vaccine is so new, we don’t yet recognize whether or now not individuals who get the vaccine can spread the virus to others. What we know is that the vaccine is tremendously valuable at fighting people who get it from fitting infected and getting sick, so I consider it’s going to be definitely critical through the next yr, via 2021, that americans proceed to use issues like face coverings and keep their distance unless we be aware of for certain how beneficial the [vaccine] is at preventing you from spreading it to others.”

in case you get the initial shot and don’t get a follow-up, what could take place?

“once again, anything we really want to have greater look at round. lots of the people who participated in these scientific trials followed a very specific protocol and received those two doses. It’s very viable that if americans don’t get that second dose, a vaccine it’s 80 to 90 percent effective may well be reduced to whatever thing like 30 or forty or 50 percent effectiveness. That’s why it’s going to be so important that we now have the tracking programs and the advice techniques in location, so that we be certain that everyone who gets a first dose additionally receives that 2nd dose.”

should girls who are pregnant or plan to turn into pregnant get the vaccine?

“right now, no medical trials were completed with any people from susceptible companies. That contains pregnant ladies in addition to babies. those trials are doubtless going to beginning in January, and so except we have that facts, we need to make certain pregnant ladies don’t get that vaccine, but if you’re planning to get pregnant, plan to get that vaccine ahead of time before your being pregnant starts off.”

On Monday, Dr. Kagya Amoako from the school of latest Haven, answered COVID-19 vaccine questions. 

side results had been a large challenge, what can individuals are expecting with this shot?

“As this point, I suppose individuals should still not be anxious because the facet outcomes that americans would have is truly common. They might have a little bit of ache at the injection web site, a little bit of redness on the injection website as neatly, some may additionally have some light fever and chills and headaches, but these are very ordinary facet consequences. If just juxtaposed that towards how a good deal getting the vaccine to basically evade you from getting COVID-19, that’s a possibility improvement factor it really is a no-brainer.”

How frequently will people deserve to get this vaccination? Is it just like the flu the place we want one each year?

“presently it’s very challenging to inform as a result of as you comprehend folks might be regular with the shingles virus, which certainly not definitely goes away and it could possibly flare up with age and sickness in case you have your immune gadget compromised, it may possibly come lower back once again. I suppose it’s a little too early to claim if here is going to be a each year vaccination protocol that we need to follow, but I’m happy that we do have that vaccine out and if come next yr we must move through getting vaccinated once more, we wouldn’t be caught in the headlights in an effort to communicate, we can have the vaccine available to support us out.”