Waterbury young adults, police dig in to help seniors, bodily-challenged after snow storm

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — It changed into a sight for sore eyes after the huge iciness storm.

“It’s a Godsend to have these guys come via,” noted John Maia, who suffered a painful back injury.

a group of Waterbury teens and law enforcement officials confirmed up backyard his condo Thursday with a bunch of shovels. collectively, they were scooping the snow that had piled up on his driveway, trapping his automobile.

because of his back injury, John couldn’t go backyard and shovel away all that snow himself.

“I received injured at work 20, 21 years ago,” John talked about. “I’ve been out of work for a while. I’ve had two operations…. I really want a third operation.”

To spare him extra pain, the young adults and police officers with Waterbury’s Police exercise League, or friend, got here storming in and went to work. They call themselves “The Waterbury good friend Shovel Brigade”.

information eight requested one of the crucial teens why he does this.

“because i do know if this become my condominium and i couldn’t get out I wouldn’t find it irresistible, so why now not support the americans who can’t?”

The Shovel Brigade helps the bodily-challenged and seniors who name the police branch telling them they want assist after a storm like this. here is the 5th 12 months in a row the brigade has been in action. This wintry weather, they have got plans to assist greater than a hundred americans.

To John, it’s some warmth all the way through a tricky time.

“It’s best when these guys come through and help me out,” he observed. “I actually respect it.”