Firefighters union makes grievances generic over staffing amid hiring freeze

WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WFSB) — the new year is bringing changes to Bradley overseas Airport, as a fight is brewing between firefighters and the Connecticut Airport Authority.

On Thursday, 2020 gave one ultimate scare for Bradley Airport as a personal aircraft landed with no landing gear.

fortunately, everyone was secure, as firefighters and other emergency responders have been referred to as to the scene.

On Friday, the firefighter’s union made grievances over staffing usual.

The Uniformed knowledgeable fireplace warring parties affiliation of Connecticut says the Airport Authority cut 25 percent of positions, forcing them to work longer hours.

All of this placing the flying public in “peril,” they say.

“it’s simply not reasonable to the firefighters as a result of administration has gotten raises during the last how decades now and we cannot even employ firefighters or paramedics. or not it’s now not secure and not right,” pointed out Chris Albani, union vice chairman. 

besides the fact that children, executive Director of the Connecticut Airport Authority Kevin Dillon says that’s not genuine.

In an interview with Eyewitness information, Dillon observed the 25 percent cut is basically a hiring freeze, not layoffs.

basically, he says the fire department is operating with just six fewer firefighters than they did in 2015, even when the airport traffic has slowed with the aid of seventy five percent.

“What we’re trying to do is regulate the operations to what the brand new circumstances are when it comes to the gigantic discount in exercise which outcomes in a substantial reduction in revenue,” Dillon noted.

When it comes to longer hours, Dillon says it’s just an extra two hours every week, asserting “of which they’re being compensated further for.”

“The airport is not hurting for cash like they say they’re because they made record revenues considering the fact that doubtless 2015,” Albani noted. 

while the union and the Airport Authority kind out their issues, the question is still are passengers definitely at risk?

Dillon says Bradley is coated more than most airports, due to the Air look after.

“we are some of the few airports within the country that even have two hearth departments. We not handiest have the Airport Authority fire department that we run, however the Air preserve additionally has a hearth branch that responds to all the equal aircraft emergencies, medical calls, that our fire branch responds to,” he spoke of.

The union says the Air take care of can handiest do so a lot. 

“They won’t have scientific control for the state, so it be truly unlawful for them to respond to clinical calls at Bradley Airport,” Albani mentioned. 

Dillon says managers haven’t taken raises this 12 months and he hopes that once issues get again to common, the hiring freeze will also be lifted, but he initiatives “general” could return in 2023.